Analog Radio’s

Analog Radio’s


VX-230 Compact Series, Designed for Maximum Value
VX-260 High performance radios
VX-350 All-Purpose Feature Rich Radios
VX-450 Durable On-The-Job Responsiveness
VX-820 Compact Size with robust capabilities
VX-920 Dependable communication for long-term reliability


VX-2100/2200 Reliable, High Power Performance
VX-4500/4600 Optimized Mobile Communications
VX-5500 Flexible Configurations and Durability for Demanding Applications
VX-600 High Output Power for Greater Coverage


VXR-1000 Dependable, Expanded Portable Coverage
VXR-7000 Dual-Purpose Repeater for Efficient Communications
VXR-9000 HIgh Power Ouput for Exceptional Reach and Performance

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