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Looking for the latest Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone? Our TELUS consultants will work with you to make sure you pick the best smartphone to suit your needs. We will go one step further and help you setup your TELUS Android or iPhone.


We offer a wide range of Tablets for business applications and for personal use. Connect on TELUS high speed network to access your cloud documents, watch your favorite Netflix movie or just browse the internet. Check out the latest Apple iPads, Samsung Galaxy and LG Tablets. Stay connected with our TELUS Tablet Plans.


Access high speed Mobile Internet on the road or at home. TELUS 4G Wireless network gives you the flexibility to connect one or multiple devices. Easily setup a Wi-Fi network for your office and for your family at home. TELUS Mobile Internet plans are affordable and flexible. Talk to our TELUS consultants to find the right solution.


Manage your assets from anywhere 24/7. TELUS Fleet Complete is designed to manage and optimize your fleet and assets through a simple setup. These assets can be in Manitoba or anywhere in Canada and the US. Talk to our business consultants to find the right solution for your business.


Stay safe on the road with TELUS Drive+. Get notifications when there is something wrong with your vehicle or to understand why the engine light is on. Track your vehicle or driving behaviour to ensure safe driving. Get peace of mind when you or your family is driving.


Welcome to the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, sensors and electronics. Our world is getting connected with embedded chips that need a powerful network to communicate. TELUS high speed network provides the backbone to connect and transmit vital data. Talk to us for connected solutions

TELUS Wireless Home Phone

Finally a home phone that lets you make calls from home and take it with you to the cottage. No traditional landline wiring required. Keep your existing landline phone number. Wireless home phone with the freedom you deserve!


Save up to $400 on Select Smartphones with TELUS Your Choice Premium Plus plans. Select Premium Plus plan to reduce the upfront cost of your Smartphone
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