For whatever your job may be, there are all kinds of impressive business apps available for download to your TELUS Smartphones that can help you be more productive and manage your time effectively.

There are apps that are designed to help entrepreneurs stay on task, for managers to keep track of employees, and for all types of professionals to increase efficiency with daily tasks.

There are iOS business apps of all descriptions and functions that are accessible to help solve a wide range of business problems, and are very easy to use. Most mobile business apps work in the cloud, so you can access their services and data from anywhere with an internet connection.

Business apps can help business owners manage multiple aspect of their company with greater control and efficacy.

6 iOS Business Apps to Download in 2019

With such a huge selection of business apps to choose from, it can be tough to narrow it down to which ones will be most effective.

6 business apps that can be very helpful, include:

  • iWork
  • OneNote
  • Proven
  • 1password
  • Tripit
  • Tide


iWork is a multi-functional app is actually made up of a combination of 3 separate apps:

  • Pages
  • Numbers
  • Keynote


Pages is an excellent word processor app for mobile devices. You will have access to variety of templates for creating things like reports, resumes, e-books, and word documents.

It is simple to add images, links, audio, and customizable lists to your creations.


This innovative spreadsheet app allows you to create dynamic and functional spreadsheets using multi-touch gestures and smart zoom.


If you are looking for a mobile presentation app for your mobile device, keynote is a superb choice. Create powerful presentations with animated charts, text, images, and cinematic transitions.

Ideal for multiple user collaboration when creating group presentations.


This is a useful notetaking app that is compatible with iOS mobile devices. this app was created by Microsoft, but you don’t need a MS account to download and use it.

It is not only effective for taking written notes, it can also be used to create diagrams and flowcharts. Notes can be added anywhere on the page, and connected to other notes later.

OneNote also offers the capability to record audio and video files, and add them to a specific note.


This app is advantageous for managers and people that work in human resources.

Proven can be helpful for organizing job listings and online postings. Then as applications start to come in, they can be organized into categories based on specific parameters. This is very useful for handling large volumes of applications.

It is easy to post job ads on multiple sites, store resumes, share job postings on multimedia sites, and track your candidates.


You likely have multiple sets of login credentials to access the various websites and software platforms you use for work on a daily basis.

It can be difficult to try to remember all these different usernames and passwords, and which credentials match with which site.

1Password helps you manage all these credentials by integrating them all to fall under one master password that can even be combined with touch ID for extra security.

The app will generate an extremely secure password for you, which is end to end encrypted for ultimate protection.


Do a lot of traveling for work? If so, the Tripit iOS app can help you get organized by centralizing your entire itinerary and travel details in one place.

It arranges your flights, train tickets, car rentals, and accommodation reservations, so you know your exact schedule.

Tripit can also provide updates and notifications for any delays or changes, weather conditions, and directions for how to get to your next destination.


This iOS business app is a versatile productivity app that can help you maximize output and results at work.

It is important to stay focused, but sitting at your desk for too long can actually have a negative impact your productivity because the brain needs a break to keep producing quality work.

Tide will track the hours you are working and notify you when a break is recommended, to keep you at your most efficient pace.