Whenever the summer season comes, many of us tend to think about vacations. The beaches are just calling for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re with family or with friends, summer vacation will always be that relaxing time of the year. But will it all be worth it when you get home and discover you’ve been robbed?

A house that has been empty for a certain duration is obviously quite appealing to starving robbers. And, the only thing that keeps them at bay is a good security system. The larger your property and the more things you have in the house, so you need to protect them while away from home.

Is there a need to make your home a fortress? I don’t think so, but a very effective and affordable security system is definitely what you’ll need. This is why you got to have TELUS Home Security. 

What Is TELUS SmartHome Security System

As the name suggests, this TELUS security system utilizes the recent smart technology for home protection. To get started, go to their website and check out the optimum home security plan that you need. If you are a bit of a handyman, you can opt to install the system yourself. But if you want a stress-free installation, let their pros handle that.

There are 3 types of plans that you can choose. Each plan can be accessed through the use of your smartphone, so it will be very convenient to monitor or get notified anytime and anywhere. The plans can range from $15 to $54 per month after a discount. There is an additional $10 off for Telus Mobility and Koodo customers. You can choose either the self-monitoring option or the professional monitoring option.

The plans with professional monitoring options guarantee a 24/7 real-time alarm response and offer 1 security starter kit that comprises 2 door/window sensors and 1 motion sensor. If you have a large house with numerous belongings, the said option is highly recommended.

What Can TELUS SmartHome Security System Offer

Cameras included in the SmartHome Security System package are capable of giving you a 1080p HD live video feed. The outdoor cameras are weatherproof, while the indoor cameras are equipped with night vision options.

Sounds basic? Check out their security sensors. They have motion sensors and opening sensors for doors and windows. If those are made of glass, there is a glass break sensor available also. If you are worried about something much worse than burglars like fire or flood, there are also many hazard sensors available.

There are other great devices to choose from such as smart bulbs, smart plugs, smart thermostats, and voice activation gadgets. All can contribute to your tension-free summer vacation. By the way, those security devices, aside from the camera, are inclusive if you opt for security plans that have professional monitoring.

What sets TELUS SmartHome Security apart from other regular home security systems is that you can somehow create an illusion that your home is not idle at all. Through the official app, you can use a daily routine program called “Scene”. Let’s have an example.

Let’s say the name that routine you make is called ‘Vacation Scene’. You can program the smart bulbs to turn on immediately at night, start the TV through the smart plugs, and play a voice recording of your own making through the voice activation gadgets. You can confirm if the programmed scene works seamlessly through the security cameras.

The best way to assure customers that a security system is trustworthy is by making sure it is from a reliable provider like Telus and that the system is installed as well as managed correctly. You can get discounts if you opt to subscribe for multiple months on either of their non-basic plans. If you want a customized solution, you can get a free consultation and some exciting offers from TELUS for a new home alarm and security system.


After all that is being said, TELUS SmartHome Security is no doubt a great investment. Aside from the trustworthy solutions, you’ll also get a practical way to ensure that your property is secure while you relax somewhere breezy and sunny.

For more information on how TELUS Home Alarm and Security can protect your home, contact Myphone sales specialist.