HD Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Receive top quality live and recorded video as well as smart video alerts when vehicles or people enter the area. Even at night your business security will be protected – easing your peace of mind.

HD Wireless Indoor Security Camera

Using its super clear 1080p HD video, infrared night vision, and secure cloud recording you will be able to maintain your business security – keeping an eye on all indoor areas of the business, most especially sensitive areas.

Slimline Doorbell Camera

Help maintain home security by watching recorded and live footage from your door, and potentially communicating with any guests – even when not present.

Window & Door Sensor

With the ADT by TELUS security system sensors you will be able to maintain business security – by being informed which entrances and windows have been left open.

Motion Sensor

Easy to install and, when paired up with a security alarm system, a fantastic way to monitor the movement and temperature within your business.

Glass Break Sensor

Get a notification immediately if glass from a window or door is broken, which works to increase the level of security for your business – allowing immediate action to prevent any damage, lower the risk of unnecessary costs, and protect the property.

Smart Thermostat

Set the thermostat to adjust the temperature of the room/business over the course of the day, depending on what is needed. It can also be adjusted when on the go, saving energy and money.

Smart Lock

Set a code that can be set to only work during specified times (a great option for visitors, deliveries or appointments). Also, able to lock and unlock the door remotely.

4-Button Keyring Remote

This is a compact and portable solution that can be used to disarm or arm the security alarm system when inside or nearby.

Main Security Control Panel

This can be used to interact with and control the security system for home security or business security.

Flood Sensor

This sensor with monitor the presence of any water and release a warning notification prompting you to take immediate action to prevent any flooding or damage.

Smoke & Heat Detector

Top fire detection performance is used by this advanced smoke and heat detector to react to any potential early warning signs. Flashing lights and a siren will then alert any occupants – thereby protecting your customers and business.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

The CO2 gas level will be monitored by this leading-edge technology in order to protect against carbon monoxide exposure. It is incredibly reliable and performs exceptionally well – more than traditional wired security does, thereby making your business even more secure.

Secondary Security Control Panel

This is used to make the home security or business security system more accessible, as there is more than one location to arm and disarm the system throughout the building. It enables you to check the security alarm system status, receive door chimes, and access the emergency panic button. A secondary control panel offers more control over security.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Open or close the door of a garage remotely from your car.

Smart Plug - Lamp

Able to be connected to any lamp to gain full control in order to schedule controlled brightening and dimming.

Smart Light Bulb

Get energy saving and long lasting power when using these LED bulbs – when paired with a Smart Plug – Lamp, even more control over brightening and dimming is provided.

Smart Plug - Appliance

Gain control over a connected appliance – allowing you to start up a coffee machine, for example, with the TELUS Secure Business app or a keypad – before even entering the room.

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