With a variety of options to choose from it can be a bit of a challenge to decide which GPS Fleet Tracking system is the best for your business. One critical factor to consider is the cellular network the system operates on. TELUS delivers one of the most wide-reaching and comprehensive networks available across Canada, making it an ideal choice for keeping track of your vehicles and other assets, wherever they may be located.

Why does cellular coverage matter for GPS tracking?

GPS tracking works by utilizing satellite transmissions from the Global Positioning System.GPS tracking devices include a receiver to capture these signals in order to identify the specific location of the device. For this identification process to happen in real time a reliable cellular network is required.

Area of Coverage

Canada is an extremely large and spread out country. If you are operating a fleet of vehicles traveling around the country, extensive cell service is required to stay connected to drivers in remote locations. TELUS has been repeatedly ranked as being Canada’s fastest and most extensive network. TELUS currently offers excellent coverage and reliability with the 4G LTE network, and is progressing nicely with its build out of the 5G network to provide even more complete and thorough coverage.

TELUS GPS Fleet Management Services

TELUS Fleet Management offers an integrated and comprehensive GPS solution for keeping track of all your valuable assets and employees. Monitor your vehicles in real time to pinpoint specific locations and also how the vehicles are being handled to cut down on damage, accidents, and extraneous costs.

TELUS Fleet Tracker

GPS fleet tracking is not only incredibly useful for keeping a close watchful eye on your company vehicles, but also the driving habits of your drivers. Even the most experienced and well-intentioned drivers are likely to have some bad driving habits that are increasing your monthly expenses unnecessarily.

TELUS Fleet Tracker can help reduce:

  • Speeding – driving at excess speeds increases fuel expense, risk of accident, and potentially expensive speeding tickets
  • Idling – prolonged idling is massive waste of fuel
  • Rapid acceleration – hard on vehicle components and wastes fuel
  • Abrupt stops – hard on brakes and tires and can cause accidents
  • Drivers taking inefficient routes
  • Overall costs and expenses

Features of TELUS Fleet Tracker

The GPS vehicle tracker system offers a variety of excellent features including:

  • Provides up to date real-time location of all your vehicles
  • Tracks speed and direction vehicles are traveling
  • Provides reports and notifications about vehicle status
  • Constant connectivity between drivers and dispatch, even in remote locations
  • Provides alerts for routine maintenance to keep vehicles operating in top order

TELUS Fleet Complete HoS

Monitoring employee activity is a great way to enhance worker safety while streamlining efficiency and performance. It helps keep track of remote workers and ensures quick response in the case of an accident. The system automatically keeps track of driver hours for accurate records and insight into driver availability.

Features of TELUS Fleet Complete HoS

  • Electronic logging of driver hours
    • Calculates driver availability to assign the best employee to the task
  • Generates quick and easy reports for roadside inspections
  • US ELDregulation compliant
  • Helps prevent discrepancies and payroll disputes

TELUS Asset Tracker

Similar to vehicle tracking devices, TELUS Fleet Management also provides a secure and convenient way to monitor other precious property using GPS tracking. This is ideal for construction sites and temporary mobile office buildings to safeguard equipment, tools, and containers.

Features of TELUS Asset Tracker

  • Perfect for keeping track of equipment, heavy machinery, shipping containers, packages, cargo
  • Asset tracking devices have extremely long battery life lasting for up to 3 years on a single charge
  • Receive immediate alerts when an asset is on the move
  • Helps prevent loss and theft

Whether you are looking to safeguard your home, your business, or both, TELUS ADT Smart Security Systems offer 24/7 protection for reduced stress and enhanced peace of mind. TELUS is currently offering free installation and $0 for the first 3 months for new users. That is a measure of the level of faith and trust in the quality and value these surveillance systems deliver.

ADT Home Security

This advanced home security system is reliable, effective, and easy to manage. The entire system can be managed remotely from your smartphone device for excellent convenience and flexibility.

Some of the benefits of ADT home alarm systems include:

  • Installation options
  • Remote access and control
  • Energy savings
  • Enhanced security
  • Exceptional support

Installation Options

TELUS offers 2 options for ADT Home Security System installation because some people jump at the chance for a new DIY project while others would just rather have someone else do it.

DIY Self Installation

If you are technically inclined and love a good DIY project, the self installation route may be the way to go. You will be provided with all the necessary instructions and the devices included with your system in the SmartHome Security Self-Install kit.

Having some trouble along the way? No problem, there are online resources and a call-in support line available for any questions or concerns you may have regarding your installation.

Tech Assisted Installation

Perhaps you don’t have the desire or the time to install the ADT home security system yourself. A TELUS trained and experienced technician will be available to assist you with the set up. The technician will handle all the outdoor installation work that needs to be done.

Complying with safe social distancing practices, you will be guided through indoor installations through a helpful video chat. Indoor devices will be completely sanitized and left at your door when the technician comes to do the outside work.

Remote Access and Control

The ADT mobile phone app allows you to manage all aspects of your ADT home security system from your handheld device. In addition to controlling cameras, sensors, and security alarms remotely you can also control lights and thermostat for convenient energy savings.

Energy Savings

Reduce monthly utility costs with effective home security features. Smart lightbulbs and smart thermostats can be integrated in the system to cut down on energy waste and expenses.

Enhanced Security

ADT Home Alarm Systems are designed to enhance security by preventing break-ins, theft, and unwanted visitors. Even just displaying the ADT security signs and window decals helps deter potential burglars. Violating the protected perimeter will result in the alarm sounding to scare off intruders.

Exceptional Support

Smart home security experts will be on duty monitoring your home 24/7 on the lookout for break-ins, fires, floods, and dangerous carbon monoxide levels. Once a security alarm has been triggered, immediate action will be taken to address the issue.

ADT Business Security

Businesses can benefit immensely from ADT Video Surveillance Systems to protect not only physical assets but also sensitive data and information.

Advantages of ADT Business Security Systems include:

  • Installation support and assistance
  • Remote control and surveillance
  • Instant alerts
  • Multiple locations
  • Reduced operational expenses

Installation Support and Assistance

Certified installation professionals will be available for guidance and assistance to ensure your security system is set up to meet your requirements and preferences.

Remote Control and Surveillance

The ADT mobile app allows you to remotely monitor security alarms, cameras, and locks from any location. Video surveillance can also be handled remotely with recorded or live streams.

Instant Alerts

Intelligent alerts will send out notifications via your smartphone for any unauthorized activity or security breaches.

Multiple Locations

Do you have more than one building you need to secure with your ADT business security system? You can use one system to securely manage and monitor multiple locations.

Reduced Operational Expenses

Another great feature of TELUS ADT business security is the ability to control hydro use remotely. The system can be completely customized to reflect energy requirements for peak vs off-peak business hours.