In today’s modern world, many in the workforce have transitioned from working at the office to working in the comfort of their homes. As a result, effective communication between the management and coworkers has never been more critical. 

Luckily, with new technology coming out every so often, everyone can now communicate effectively and work smoothly, ensuring the company’s success even with the harsh competition of other industries. 

Introducing TELUS Business Connect

Staying in touch with your coworkers has never been so easy, and it is because of the latest system known as the TELUS Business Connect. Users can enjoy an upgraded experience connecting with managers, coworkers, clients, and more.

The technology of TELUS Business Connect offers its users a broader scope of image, voice, video, fax, and audio communication features.

Aside from this, all of these features are designed so you can rest assured that you will be able to communicate with the people you need to communicate with, regardless of your location.

Understanding TELUS Business Connect

VoIP or the Voice over Internet Protocol is what made this latest system possible. The whole system works by making adjustments to the analog phone system and then recreates them into data that is readable by the device of the user. 

Because of this neat system, the user can engage in several multimedia communications with the help of the internet. VoIP system is a practical and ideal option for companies to ensure that their employees can communicate effectively even when working from home. The VoIP system will work as long as the user is connected to the internet.

Here are the perks of using the VoIP system:

  • Better quality of calls
  • Better security features
  • Cheaper hardware costs
  • Low cost on operation
  • Compatible with more devices
  • Video and audio conferences are user-oriented
  • No fees for long-distance communication
  • Better features
  • Easy installation
  • Simple maintenance and modification
  • It can be expanded easily

What Are the Advantages of TELUS Business Connect?

TELUS Business Connect features a unique combination of the technology of Business Connect and VoIP phone system. This means that you can enjoy more benefits and not just the advantages of VoIP alone.

Should you start using TELUS Business Connect in your everyday operations, you will notice increased communication efficiency among your workers. 

The TELUS Business Connect is an excellent option to improve the phone systems of a company. This is because the right tools and the proper communication features can significantly impact time management. 

Furthermore, the convenience and ease of use features of the TELUS Business Connect will instill a positive attitude among the employees as they are assured that they can connect to anyone in the company when they need to. 

  • Higher Productivity

A better phone system will improve the company’s communication making the job flow faster and more economical.

This, in turn, will increase the productivity of a company. Furthermore, since there are fewer disruptions, employees can shift their focus to other tasks since calls are more efficient and will not take too much time.

  • Cost-Efficient

Compared to other phone systems, TELUS Business Connect is more cost-efficient as it requires less maintenance, implementation, and other future enhancements. This means that your budget for your company’s phone system can be transferred to other uses.

Business Connect and VoIP phone systems also have a centralization feature that gets rid of recurring and wasted resources that are allocated for non-productive strategies for communication.

  • Universal Compatibility

TELUS’s new business phone is compatible with several devices, including laptops, phones, smartphones, computers, tablets, and more.

The flexibility of this device ensures effective communication whenever needed. As a result, using this business phone from TELUS is significantly better than using traditional phones.

Because of the expanded form of transmitting information, more business opportunities can be generated. In addition, because this phone system allows communication globally, the company has more access to potential clients from around the world.

  • Reliability

The calls of the clients and employees are sure to be catered because of Business Connect’s feature that automatically redirects phone calls during operating hours to the available members of the team.

With this type of effective communication, team members can function optimally, and clients’ satisfaction will increase. Lastly, this new and upgraded technology will motivate team members and boost their overall morale.