Smart homes have become the talk of the day, thanks to the cost savings, convenience, and security that they offer. Home automation systems also make controlling heating, lighting, home appliances, air conditioning, and entertainment systems very easy. Ultimately, with these technologies, homeowners can acquire peace of mind because they know that their homes are safe while also being environmentally friendly at the same time. 

Home Alarm Systems

To help you in enhancing home security, TELUS provides a home security system that comprises a wide range of services, including remote monitoring, a centralized control panel, and video surveillance. These services will keep you connected remotely with all the occurrences around your home when you are far away, assuring you comfort and convenience when carrying out your other activities.

Home Security for Ideal Safety

From the wide array of services offered, TELUS focuses extensively on security and safety solutions. For this reason, TELUS has created services for those who want to protect their home and its occupants. 

With the integration of a smart lock into your home, you are ensured of preventing burglars from entering. Also, you do not worry about not being able to get into your home when you lose your keys because it offers a system that is configured with an entry code.

The use of an entry code allows you to monitor and control who enters the home. You will also have a record of them. When needed, you can have temporary codes for the people you work with, such as your delivery guy or maid.

TELUS home security features include:

  • Wi-Fi doorbell camera
  • Fire protection
  • Smart garage door opener
  • Video surveillance
  • Flood control
  • Carbon monoxide monitoring

Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera

An efficient method to discourage intruders and thieves is through the utilization of a Wi-Fi doorbell camera. These devices are connected to your smartphone and send alerts any time they detect any motion at the front door. You will see who is standing there and be able to communicate with them through the help of the camera.

Fire Protection

Fire is a major safety concern and can cause significant damage that affects our homes and our lives. Luckily,  a fire alarm can detect smoke through special sensors that identify a fire accident easily when it is starting. This allows you to stop it from spreading to other areas, and, therefore save lives and protect your property against extensive damage.

Upon detecting the earliest signs of a fire, a notification is promptly dispatched to both your smartphone and the monitoring center. The situation at hand can be salvaged by just pressing the fire alarm and panic buttons for responsible emergency services providers to come and help out. In case you are away, a service representative will help you.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Smart technology at your garage door helps you close it in case you forgot to do so. You can configure it to send you notifications when the door is open for too long, allowing you to close it once such a mistake happens.

Video Surveillance

You can improve the safety of your home by putting video surveillance cameras around your home. Thieves and intruders will be deterred from coming in because they know they are being watched. Such videos can also help in keeping an eye on the elderly, children, and pets around the home to ensure that they are safe.

Flood Control

You can install flood control devices in vulnerable areas such as the basement or near appliances connected to the water line, to prevent potential damage and loss. You can get alerts via your phone and notify flood control technicians whenever such incidents happen.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Efficient monitoring and detection systems can reduce the risk of CO intoxication at home. Since the gas is colourless, detecting it naturally is almost impossible. Therefore, these sensors will help you detect it and alert you via the smartphone. The monitoring center will also be alerted and will act accordingly.


TELUS Home Security Systems have a proven track record for protecting homes and safeguarding families. Add a top-notch layer of security to your precious abode. Choose peace of mind with TELUS’ 24/7 monitoring and advanced controls and features. After all, your home and family deserve nothing but the best. TELUS Smart Home Security promotions are available for Personal and TELUS EPP customers.