Smartphone technology is becoming more advanced and elaborate everyday. Not only has the ability to communicate become considerably more sophisticated, smartphones now offer a range of other features and functions to improve productivity for business professionals at all levels. Smartphones have become essential devices for daily business operations to help keep users organized, on task, and productive.

TELUS android smartphones offer users an incredibly wide selection for all possible purposes and requirements. Each individual is unique with their own specific needs from a smartphone device. There is something available for everyone with the remarkably diverse variety of android smartphones.

Best Advantages of Android Smartphones

Android has become the top choice for smartphone operating systems, covering a substantial majority of the market share. Why are android smartphones such a popular option for business users?

  • Diverse selection
  • Low entry costs
  • Universal compatibility
  • Storage and battery options
  • Hardware durability and performance
  • Available features
  • App integration

Diverse Selection

One of the best features of android smartphones is the amazingly wide selection available. Apple users are often quite loyal to their brand, but they have a much more limited selection when it comes to choosing a smartphone for their particular needs. Just of the few of the diverse android options to choose from, include:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10, 10+
  • Google Pixel 4XL
  • LG G8X Think Q Dual Screen
  • Many more…

Samsung Galaxy Note 10, 10+

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ are among the top smartphones on the market for business productivity and functionality. Powerful, with amazing display, long battery life and a host of other features, make these devices an exceptional choice for business.

Google Pixel 4XL

The Google Pixel 4 series is also a strong choice for business users. It offers full access to all essential android tools for mobile business users, with superior security and the latest updates available from google.

LG G8X Think Q Dual Screen

The innovative design of the LG G8X provides users with dual screen technology for the ultimate in split screen productivity. Multi-tasking has never been easier for business users with an array of tasks on the go at once.

Low Entry Costs

Due to the wide variety of options available with android smartphones, it is much easier for small businesses to find a feasible choice for employees that won’t break the budget. With a low barrier for entry, business owners also won’t have to worry about expensive user licenses or costly upgrades for development tools.

There are assortments of excellent cost-effective android smartphones that provide users with all the necessary business features to get things done more efficiently and effectively on a daily basis.

Universal Compatibility

Android smartphones give users a greater level of compatibility in every sense of the word. Apple users are much more confined when it comes to compatibility with other devices and even in its own components. Universal chargers are an excellent example. Android chargers are compatible across numerous brands and models to make it much easier to find access to an appropriate charger away from home. Android smartphones also have a much greater accessibility to share features and functions with laptops and desktops. This is a huge perk for business users that may need their smartphone to be compatible with a variety of work devices for sharing files, content creation, and group collaboration.

Storage and Battery Options

There is greater flexibility for android users for upgrading and changing storage and battery options. Most android devices have expandable memory slots and batteries are removable and replaceable, unlike the Apple counterparts that charge a costly fee for this type of modification.

Hardware Durability and Performance

Android devices are known for their sturdy hardware which provides users with excellent reliability and longevity for their device. Feature rich operating systems and powerful CPUs make android devices an ideal choice for all types of business users.

Available Features

Features like widgets, apps, and other addons are very useful for daily business operations. Android users have access of a much wider selection of these helpful features. These diverse features help enhance the overall user experience, as well as providing a boost to user efficiency and productivity.

App Integration

Productivity apps are all the rage for business purposes to help users get more done, more quickly. There is no disputing that android users have access to much broader selection of available apps. This helps business users personalize smartphone functionality to suit specific needs and demands.

For businesses interested in app development, android smartphones are also much more practical, as Java programmers will have access to an open source platform with endless opportunities.