Fleet Complete

Powered by state-of-the-art GPS technology, the Fleet Tracker solution provides you with real-time visibility over your fleet and vehicle diagnostics data. The Fleet Complete system turns this data into actionable business intelligence that will help you make smart decisions and efficiently manage your fleet.


  • Eliminate unnecessary miles driven by optimizing service routes.
  • Speeding increases fuel consumption and risk. Eliminate unsafe driving by tracking the speed of your fleet.
  • Idling wastes fuel. Monitor idling and reduce excessive idling by your drivers
  • Increase your gas mileage. Your vehicles deliver their best mileage when they operate in peak condition.
  • Know what’s happening as it happens. Fleet Tracker supports a variety of pre-set activity alerts, and archives driver activity for 1 year.
  • Monitor driver behavior and control how they use your fleet.
  • Get accurate records of driver hours and eliminate manual time-sheets.
  • Dispatchers can recommend the best routes to avoid traffic on the way to the next job.
  • Fleet visibility makes servicing customers easier. Know who to send, where they are, and when they will arrive.
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