GPS Tracker Device

TELUS Asset Tracker is a battery powered GPS tracker device designed to track and manage non-powered equipment or assets left unsupervised for prolonged periods of time.

How can GPS Tracker Help?

A GPS tracking system can be a massive benefit for effective asset and vehicle management. Monitor driver behaviours to reduce unhealthy driving practices.

Aside from cutting out superfluous costs, and reducing vehicle wear and tear, GPS vehicle tracker can provide many other advantages for your business.

  • Control
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Productivity

GPS Tracker Device Benefits:

Monitor the location and status of your high-value assets that move daily or sit for long periods.
Sends alerts to a specified email of unauthorized movement or detected movement outside of a specified geographical area.
Using GPS, locate all your assets on the map whenever you need.
Have a piece of mind knowing that your cargo is safe at all times and get instantly alerted when your container doors are opened.
Track the fuel level in your equipment.
Keep track of the trailer/container environment to ensure the integrity of temperature-sensitive cargo.
Track accurate usage of auxiliary equipment on your construction equipment based on combination of Engine ON status and PTO status.

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