For businesses with multiple vehicles in their fleet, it can be a challenge to manage them all effectively and efficiently. Every year millions of dollars are lost to unnecessary vehicle wear and tear, wasted fuel, misplaced assets, and high insurance premiums.

Fleet management with TELUS Fleet Complete GPS tracking system can help streamline business operations and allow owners and managers to keep a close eye on vehicle health and employee behaviours. Erratic and irresponsible driving behaviours contribute to the reduced life of vehicles and inflated fuel expenses.

Research on the benefits of GPS tracking systems, found that more than 75% of companies that used GPS tracking in their vehicles experienced a considerable boost in overall productivity. GPS trackers can help businesses of all sizes improve their bottom line in an assortment of ways.

7 Benefits of GPS Tracking for Fleet Management

Businesses are always looking for ways to increase performance and output, while minimizing expenses. GPS tracking offers advantages that can help your company achieve those goals.

7 of the major benefits of GPS tracking systems include:

  • Fleet efficiency
  • Live data feedback
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Automated driver logs
  • Enhanced safety
  • Reduces insurance premiums

Fleet Efficiency

GPS tracking systems offer a number of advantages for the improved efficiency of your vehicle fleet. It helps determine the best route available for each job and ensure it is followed. You will be able to see where the vehicle is at all times, and ensure they are carrying a full load. This can be very helpful for matching the right vehicle with each upcoming task. For instance, if a client makes a request, you can easily see which driver is closest and the nature of their current activity. GPS tracking also helps make sure that deadlines are being met.

Live Data Feedback

GPS trackers allow for real-time updates for all kinds of useful information regarding your fleet. This provides a clear picture of driver behaviour and vehicle status. Rapid acceleration and abrupt stops are horrible for fuel efficiency and vehicle wear. Excessive idling and speeding also contribute to a massive waste of fuel. Even taking turns at high speeds can cause irregular wear on tires, increasing the frequency of replacements.

GPS feedback allows you to observe these actions as they are happening to help correct bad driving habits, prolonging the life of your fleet.

Reduced Maintenance

These real-time reports on driving behavior and vehicle health also offer the benefit of reduced maintenance efforts and costs. This allows for more effective scheduling of routine maintenance to keep vehicles running at the optimal condition at all times. Alerts are given when maintenance is required, based on vehicle activity and engine metrics. This helps avoid unnecessary maintenance and expensive repair costs.

Lower Fuel Costs

Eliminating bad driving habits associated with increased fuel costs is a tremendous advantage of GPS tracking. Cutting out excessive idling, speeding, hasty acceleration, sudden stops, sharp turning, and inefficient route planning can save huge dollars in fuel expenses.

Automated Driver Logs

A GPS Fleet Tracking System helps efficiently log driver hours and activities electronically to offer a reliable system for keeping track of employee hours, mileage, and availability. It also helps with the documentation required for roadside inspection and the forms required. Electronic reporting is provided to comply with ELD regulations when crossing the border.

Enhanced Safety

GPS tracking can also help improve the safety of your vehicles as well as your employees. When drivers know their actions are being monitored, they are more likely to drive in a safe and responsible manner. Cutting out dangerous driving habits is beneficial to everyone involved. It is also useful in the case of an accident or emergency, providing quicker emergency response and even shedding some light on details of the accident.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Another cost-cutting advantage is a reduction in monthly insurance costs. Most insurance companies offer a discount on monthly premiums for vehicles with GPS tracking systems installed.

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