Smartphones have become the device of choice for both work and play for the majority of individuals and business all over the world. Due to this contrasting nature of smartphone functionality it has caused many to wonder if smartphones are actually a practical device for better workplace productivity. 

Even though smartphones may create an additional distraction when the goal is to stay on task, it is hard to argue with the diverse range of benefits smartphones can offer for better time management and efficient business practices. 

How are TELUS smartphones beneficial to your business?

TELUS smartphones can be a terrific resource for businesses of all sizes to manage projects, analyze results, and enhance efficiency. Some advantages of using smartphones for business are:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Reliable availability
  • Enhanced security
  • Compatibility with other devices
  • Measured performance
  • Improved productivity

Customer Satisfaction

A high priority for almost any business is establishing and maintaining an exceptional level of customer service to keep customers happy and coming back. TELUS smartphones can help provide reliable assistance for customers in need when they have any questions or concerns. Consistent dependability establishes trust with your customers, making it more likely for them to recommend your business to family and friends.

Reliable Availability

Smartphones provide the ability to always be available for whatever may come. This is not only useful for providing first-class customer service but also helps employees stay connected for group projects and ongoing assignments. This is incredibly beneficial as remote work continues to increase.

Enhanced Security

Robust security is needed to protect crucial data in a variety of work environments. TELUS smartphones offer a customizable solution for data security. A range of security policies are available to prevent unauthorized access to smartphones, including:

  • Password
  • PIN
  • Pattern recognition
  • Fingerprint
  • Facial recognition
  • Voice detection
  • Iris scanner

The level of security you select will likely depend on the nature of the data you are safeguarding.

Device Compatibility

Smartphones are easily compatible with a range of other devices and software to offer smooth integration from one device or system to another. This option is particularly practical for remote workers who occasionally work in the office. This simple compatibility makes it possible to begin a task on your smartphone and finish it on your work computer.

Measured Performance

An assortment of analytical apps are available to directly measure the method and results of various tasks and marketing strategies. The ability to gain detailed insight to processes that are working compared to those that are not, provides a huge advantage for saving time and money on conjecture and speculation.

Improved Productivity

The versatility and functionality TELUS smartphones offer can help boost daily productivity in the workplace. There is a diverse selection of productivity apps to choose from that assist with time management, task assignment, group collaboration, and more to accomplish more on a daily basis.

TELUS Smartphones

Offering a comprehensive collection of the most recent and advanced smartphones, TELUS can offer your business the devices needed to stay productive and competitive. 

TELUS Samsung Smartphones, 5G

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Series – Galaxy S22 Ultra, S22+ S22
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2,  Flip

TELUS Apple Smartphones, 5G

  • iPhone 13 Series – iPhone 13, Mini, Pro & Max

TELUS Google Smartphones, 5G

  • Google Pixel 6

Other TELUS Smartphones

  • Motorola
  • Sonim
  • TCL
  • Alcatel
  • ZTE


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