When it comes to our possessions, it’s undeniable that we will always want to try keeping them as safe as possible. For example, we always keep our doors shut during the night so that no intruder can get in.

While people usually tend to care for such things, sometimes, they forget to secure their most valuable possession: their personal information.

Due to the pandemic, many people started doing most of their activities online, and because of this, cybercriminals have also increased in numbers. With that said, this is where TELUS Online Security comes in.

TELUS Online Security is a tool that offers comprehensive online security with its cyber threat-proof protection. After all, no matter what you’re doing online, whether you are shopping, taking online classes, or working, it’s vital to protect and keep your information as private as possible.

Provided below are the features that come along with TELUS Online Security:

  • Protects Your Device from Possible Threats

Due to this pandemic, our lives have significantly changed, with more people turning to the internet for their needs. However, because people are now regularly using the internet, the number of cybercriminals has also increased.

This means that our information could be stolen, whether we are just watching a movie, shopping, taking online lessons, or perhaps working. Of course, this can happen unless you have a way to protect yourself.

Thanks to TELUS Online Security, you’ll no longer feel worried when doing anything online. After all, this tool is a simple yet effective way to ensure your data’s protection.

  • Secures Your Personal Information

As mentioned earlier, our personal data can easily be hacked into if we don’t have the correct type of protection. This data that hackers are seeking can be used for illegal transactions, which can endanger not just our data but also our lives.

With TELUS Online Security on hand, your data will become more secure because of its built-in Norton Secure VPN. You no longer have to worry about compromising your personal data, whether it’s your credit card number, password, or bank details.

  • Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web is a place on the internet where most illegal transactions are made. Personal data, financial information, and other stolen data will usually be used in this kind of place. In fact, identity theft is pretty common on the dark web.

With that said, TELUS Online Security offers a way for you to know whether or not your data has been compromised. It does this by checking the dark web for your information, then alerts you if a potential data breach is detected via a notification.

  • Personal Expense Reimbursement

Are you a victim of identity theft online? Don’t know what to do? If so, there’s no need to worry because TELUS Online Security can help you deal with such cases.

First, TELUS Online Security will ensure your data is secured so that the perpetrators can no longer use it. Next, it will connect you with a specialist on identity restoration.

The specialist will then walk you through how to deal with this kind of problem. Moreover, thanks to the Personal Expense Reimbursement, you could get up to $25,000 to $1,000,000 if your data is compromised.

Final Words

Unfortunately, some people don’t really take their cyber security seriously until the day that they become a victim of cybercrime themselves. Preventing yourself from becoming a victim will be so much better than figuring out a way to fix such problems.

With that said, TELUS Online Security can protect not only you but your entire family from any threats from cybercriminals. There are currently three plans that you can subscribe to, and all are designed to tackle a specific situation in cyber security.

The internet is without a doubt one of humanity’s greatest inventions. Education, recreation, and even careers can all be made and all in the comfort of your own home, thanks to the internet.

However, there are still vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can take advantage of to steal someone’s information and identity. To remedy such situations, you will need online protection, like what TELUS Online Security provides.