Today’s modern business environment requires us to always find a way to enhance and boost our productivity. That being said, whether you are an owner or a manager of a business, have you found a decent tool to help you? 

Surprisingly, despite our familiarity with the Apple iPad, it seems that not many of us understand how this compact device can help us perform better in different commercial and professional settings. iPads are available from Myphone TELUS from $0 upfront on TELUS Easy Payment for Business, Personal and TELUS EPP customers. 

So, to give you a better understanding of how to do so, we will show you the best iPad accessories and applications to help you turn the device into a wonderful productivity tool.

Must-Have iPad Accessories to Maximize Business Productivity

Thanks to their versatility and adaptability, Apple iPads have become a popular device. We can easily find one of them in different offices and organizations. If you want to include an iPad in your commercial arsenal, then you should equip it with the tools below.

Apple Smart Folio Keyboard

The Smart Folio Keyboard is one of the most favoured Apple accessories, particularly because of its ability to both protect and provide practicality to your iPad tablet. It does not require any charging or pairing and users can instantly use it simply by attaching the keyboard case to the device.

Apple Smart Folio Case

The Smart Folio Case is the more reasonable option if you need to keep your iPad safe with a case but do not need the functionality of an Apple keyboard. It is made of soft yet durable material that provides your Apple tablet with much-needed protection, all while keeping it looking stylish.

Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is a must-have gadget for every iPad-bearing illustrator. This device has the ability to detect different levels of hand pressure and is able to generate different brush effects based on the user’s hand tilting level. Even if you never draw with an iPad, the gesture features will provide an excellent user experience.

POS System for Small Business

A POS system is a must-have iPad accessory if you own a retail or food services business. Once you integrate the POS system with your Apple tablet, you will be able to easily input transactions and monitor business performance. Some POS systems also make it possible for you to get analytic-based business insights.

Must-Try Applications to Optimize Work Efficiency

While it is true that the products and gadgets mentioned in the previous section can greatly enhance your productivity rates, you can also use the apps listed here to further boost the efficiency of your commercial processes.

Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft has made it possible for you to create, edit, and share documents through this mobile version of Microsoft Office Suite. You can also collaborate on the documents with others.


This one is a cloud storage service made by Microsoft. You will get 5 GB of free storage the first time you sign up for the service and you can get more if you subscribe to the paid plan.


Slack allows you to exchange chat messages and do virtual meetings with your employees and working partners. You can also separate your contacts based on different channel topics.


While this one is less known than other applications on this list, it is actually an excellent project management tool. Using it, you can assign tasks and monitor project progress effectively.


You should install CamCard on your iPad if you still exchange a lot of business cards. It allows you to capture, save, and edit your contacts based on the details on those cards.


Running a business sometimes requires you to review and sign a lot of documents. With DocuSign, you can put your signs on them digitally, eliminating the need to carry a pen and a pile of paper sheets wherever you go.

The Takeaway

Many of us have been familiar with the TELUS Apple iPads with 5G. We regularly see people in cafes swiping between browser tabs on it, and some of us might even use it in our daily personal lives to enjoy Netflix and other streaming services. 

Try the accessories and software listed above and see how they can make your business run more efficiently. When we arm our Apple tablet with the right tools and apps, we can make a fantastic productivity device out of our iPad.