There are only so many hours in a day to accomplish everything you need to get done. It seems like there is never enough time, and a lot of things end up taking much longer to complete than originally expected.

One excellent way to help manage your time so you can get things done more efficiently and effectively is through the use of business apps for your Apple iPhone or iPad.

TELUS iPhones are compatible with a very wide variety of apps that can assist with your daily business practices and help manage your to do list.

Here is list of some of the most impressive business apps for 2019.

Business Apps for Apple  iPhone and iPad

These apps can extremely useful for business owners, executives, managers, contractors, entrepreneurs, or employees.

5 Apple business apps to check out, are:

  • Wunderlist
  • Zoho – CRM app
  • Spark
  • Google calendar
  • Microsoft office


Wunderlist is a very well organized and easy to use iPhone app for managing your daily to do list.

It is easy to set updates and reminders, so you never miss an important task that is time sensitive. You will have the ability to schedule your tasks and activities accordingly, and share the lists and schedules with anyone else that needs to know.

You can add notes to any item on your to do list so crucial details are not overlooked.

There is a subtask option for organizing related jobs and assignments. You can also share notes and files with colleagues for effective group collaboration.

There is even an option to save and share web pages to be revisited when the relevant information is required.

Zoho – CRM App

One of the best iPhone apps out there for managing customer relations is the CRM App by Zoho.

Customer satisfaction is essential for any business, and maintaining positive customer relations is key for ongoing, successful business relationships.

The Zoho CRM app allows you to easily keep track of your customers and clients interests, preferences, and goals.



Customers pursuits are constantly changing, and you can effortlessly add notes and updates to each client file.

This client info will all be saved in the app, so you can access it even when you are not in range of your mobile network.

The Zoho CRM app allows you to keep tabs on:

  • Contact info
  • Account details
  • Task assignments
  • Upcoming events
  • Products and services
  • Vendors
  • Call logs


Spark is an advantageous iPhone app for helping email management.

The app has an exceedingly user-friendly interface, that allows for simple sorting and organization of all your important emails. You can also mark which messages are valuable, and which ones are trash.

Emails can be sorted by category. For example, you can separate personal emails from business emails. Messages can be further sorted by urgency.

The collaboration tool is quite useful for composing group emails where you require input from multiple people.

The scheduling tool allows you to schedule emails to be sent at a future time and date.

All critical emails and attachments can conveniently be stored on iCloud Drive.

Google Calendar

Google calendar is such an integral app for your iPhone because it is not your average calendar app.

The google calendar app is much more powerful in that it can synch all your calendars, events, and schedules through your google account.

This way there are no discrepancies between platforms where you may have conflicting information.

Create reminders for tasks and events so you are always prepared ahead of time.

The G-Suite feature allows for collaborative scheduling.

Microsoft Office

The Microsoft office apps available for Apple smartphones can assist with various business projects and duties.

MS PowerPoint is still the most widely presentation app because of the abundance of tools that makes it easy to create content and share it with others.

MS Word is perfect for written content creation because it is compatible with most platforms and devices.

MS Excel is great for complex calculations, spreadsheets, tables, and graphs.

TELUS Apple iPhones for Business Apps

These practical and effective business apps for iPhones and iPads are all free to download and easy to use.

Some of the latest TELUS Apple smartphones available are:

  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone Xs Max
  • iPhone Xs