TELUS Fleet Complete is an excellent way for businesses and workgroups to stay connected from anywhere, at anytime.

TELUS Fleet Complete is the industry leader when it comes to tracking assets, equipment, and mobile workers. This service uses GPS technology to help manage your business assets and get optimally organized.

Maximize employee productivity, company safety and efficiency by minimizing downtime and reducing costs. Fleet management has never been more powerful and comprehensive.

Myphone TELUS

Myphone TELUS is an authorized TELUS dealer that has been operating in Manitoba since 1998. With offices in Brandon and Virden, the qualified and experienced staff strive to provide all customers with effective and appropriate customer service solutions.

TELUS Fleet Complete Services in Brandon and Virden, Manitoba

There are several services supported by TELUS Fleet Complete that make these solutions practical and beneficial to any business.

Some of these services include:

  • TELUS Fleet Tracker
  • TELUS Asset Tracker
  • TELUS Fleet Complete Hours of Service Solution

TELUS Fleet Tracker

TELUS Fleet Tracker offers extensive GPS tracking services that allow actual time monitoring of all your vehicles. Fleet tracker can track:

  • Current vehicle location
  • Current speed of vehicle
  • Direction vehicle is heading

This service also keeps track of information about a specific vehicle, like:

  • Battery charge
  • Ignition status
  • Door and PTO sensors
  • Engine data
  • Fuel consumption data

TELUS Fleet tracker is an incredibly efficient way to get optimal productivity from employees and minimize costs for vehicular maintenance and repair.

It also helps with customer satisfaction by providing realistic and accurate delivery times.

TELUS Asset Tracker

Just like Fleet Tracker is ideal for following vehicles, the TELUS Asset Tracker is perfect for keeping track of all other company equipment and assets.

The asset tracker also allows for real-time tracking for items like:

  • Construction equipment
  • Trailers
  • Mobile Machinery
  • Mobile Buildings
  • High-value Cargo and Packages

Assets are tracked using a device that operates on a rechargeable battery that can hold a charge for up to 3 years. Notification alerts will be sent when an asset is in motion.

TELUS Asset Tracker also improves security with the ability to track stolen or lost equipment.

TELUS Fleet Complete Hours of Service Solution

This service is ideal for keeping track of employees working hours. Rules and regulations regarding hours of service for employees can be different depending on location.

For example, all transport vehicles are now legally obligated to have a certified Electronic Logging Device (ELD) in the US. This is not necessarily true for all locations in Canada.

The TELUS Hours of Service (HoS) solution can help standardize these variations and bring some uniformity to hour tracking.

Some of the features of TELUS HoS include:

  • Automatically logs driver hours electronically
  • Complies with US ELD regulations
  • Generates vehicle inspection reports that may be required at checkpoints and borders

Benefits of TELUS Fleet Complete

There are plenty of advantages to obtaining the TELUS Fleet Complete package to help organize and manage your business.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Enhanced Security
  • Better Communication
  • More Effective Customer Service

Improved Efficiency

Increase productivity while reducing costs with TELUS Fleet Complete. With continual and current tracking of each vehicle’s movements and performance, you can:

  • Improve fuel economy
  • Reduce traffic tickets
  • Reduce accidents
  • Maximize route efficiency
  • Provide accurate delivery estimates

Tracking mileage and vehicle diagnostics makes it easy to keep up with necessary vehicular maintenance.

Enhanced Security

TELUS Fleet Complete will issue an immediate alert if any unauthorized movement of a vehicle or asset occurs.

If there is any unapproved movement, real-time tracking will make following an asset on the move a simple task.

Better Communication

An important part of any successful business is good communication. The fleet tracker is a great way to coordinate and centralize any communication regarding fleet management.

Some ways it can help improve communication is by:

  • Assigning job orders to the nearest worker
  • Track order status and progress
  • Send and receive estimates and conformation for existing work orders
  • Manage your fleet to ensure that the best worker or crew is sent to the job