TELUS Business Connect offers a more intelligent and convenient way to keep in touch with your customers.

Stay connected to clients and associates from any location using any device, including smartphones, office phones, tablets, or computers.

The TELUS Business Connect management system makes it easier for you to manage calls, so you can focus more time and energy on your business.

TELUS Business Connect

Versatile and simple to use, TELUS Business Connect is incredibly useful for businesses of all scales and sizes. Now you never have to worry about missing important calls when you are out of the office. Your clients will always be able to connect with you when necessary, and vice versa.

The TELUS Business Connect service uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, which makes voice communication possible over the internet, rather than using a traditional landline. This technology is replacing the old conventional phone system, which is outdated due to a lack of mobility and adaptability. Digital technology almost always offers better solutions than its archaic analog cousin.

My Phone

Myphone is an authorized TELUS dealer that strives to provide all clients with outstanding customer service and creative business solutions.

Serving Manitoba customers since 1988 so you can expect the same friendly and knowledgeable assistance every time.  Specializing in wireless technology, the professionals at Myphone are experts at integrating new communication products and services into your existing business.

One such communication service, to improve customer connection, is TELUS Business Connect.

TELUS Business Connect Services

There are a variety of useful services included in the Business Connect package.

Some services to take advantage of are:

  • Call conferencing
  • Call routing
  • Customized greetings
  • Consolidated contact number
  • Call management

Call Conferencing

This is a great tool for connecting with clients as well as co-workers. It is an ideal online meeting option for clients, as it offers tremendous convenience. No travelling is required, and meetings can be set and cancelled on short notice. It is also an excellent way to connect with team members and co-workers working on a group project.

Call conferences have both audio and video options.

Call Routing 

Minimize customer confusion by creating an easy to follow call routing for people calling in. TELUS Business Connect makes it simple to route customers to the appropriate department or individual they are looking to speak to. 

Customized Greetings

The customized greetings option will allow your company to greet customers calling in with a friendly message and brief instructions about how to navigate the system or play any special messages.

For instance, you can set it up so that pressing 1 will direct the caller to the sales department, pressing 2 will go to customer support, etc.

One Contact Number

With TELUS Business Connect your company will have one consolidated number that can be accessed by office phone, smartphone, tablet, or computer. A toll-free number is also included so clients can reach you from any location. 

Call Management

Business Connect makes call management a breeze. Easily manage all calls and Business Connect services through an all-in-one portal hub.

Benefits of TELUS Business Connect

There are many advantages to using TELUS Business Connect for both you and your customers.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Flexibility
  • Productivity
  • Availability
  • Scalability


The Business phone system can be accessed from anywhere, using basically any device. Calls can also be directed to a specified device.

This allows you and your employees to stay connected on the go.


Staying connected to employees and customers at all times helps boost productivity. Easy access and streamlined phone management, frees up more time for business tasks.


Having a toll-free number means you’re available to clients all over the country without them having to pay long distance charges. Business Connect can also support after-hours call routing as needed.  

Calls can be redirected to any device at any time to increase availability.


TELUS Business Connect can help you grow your business and expand to new locations without significant investment on the phone systems and the cost to manage  it. 


To learn more about TELUS Business Connect and TELUS Business solutions, contact our sales specialist.