Managing all your company vehicles and valuable assets can be difficult and stressful without an organized system in place. Keeping track of vehicles and important assets has never been easier than with the assistance of GPS tracking for Fleet Management offered by TELUS. This versatile platform not only allows you track the location of vehicles, but also provides status updates and monitors driving behaviors to cut out unnecessary costs.

Useful Business Aspects of TELUS Fleet Complete

There are many excellent features included in the Fleet Management platform that can help streamline and consolidate business operations to improve efficiency and reduce overall expenses.

Some of the impressive features include:

  • Action Tracker
  • Vehicle Tracker
  • Asset Tracker

Action Tracker

Good intentions or not, human behaviors can negatively impact the bottom line of your business. Most employees likely have your company’s best interests at heart and want to provide good service for customers. However, there are certain driving habits that can drastically increase expenses, as well as contribute to excessive wear and tear, and compromise safety.

On the other hand, some employees will test the limits to see what they can get away with for their own benefit. This may involve taking unauthorized or extended breaks, or using company time to take care of personal tasks.

TELUS Fleet Complete can help with both situations to optimize productivity and eliminate inefficiencies. The system offers:

  • Real time location tracking for employees and the vehicles they are operating
  • Quick and easy allocation for spontaneous jobs and unexpected tasks
  • Checking employee availability to assign the right person to the job at hand
  • Improving workplace communication
  • Instantly providing employees with important updates and notifications
  • Electronically keep track of employee work hours
  • Consolidate project management to meet deadlines, stay on budget, and deal with unforeseen issues

Vehicle Tracker

For businesses with multiple vehicles, this service is extremely valuable. Vehicles are a considerable expense, and you want to make sure you are getting the most value your can from them.

The Fleet Tracker can help:

  • Report on driving behaviors to cut out unfavorable and dangerous habits
    • Speeding significantly increases fuel consumption and costs
    • Rapid acceleration increases fuel consumption and wear and tear on the engine
    • Abrupt stops are dangerous and are hard on brakes
    • Swift turning results in uneven wear on the tires
    • Excessive idling is a huge waste of fuel
  • Optimize travel routes for maximum efficiency
  • Real time location for all vehicles
  • Vehicle status checks to schedule necessary maintenance
  • Preserving the value, performance, and longevity of company vehicles

Asset Tracker

GPS tracking is not only useful for vehicles, but other company assets as well. This can include items like heavy equipment, parcels and packages, valuable cargo, and so on. Any asset you want tracked is fitted with a GPS device that features a long lasting battery, that can last for up to 3 years on one charge.

The TELUS Asset Tracker is useful for:

  • Preventing loss and theft of important assets
  • Receiving instant notifications regarding unauthorized use or movement
  • Immediate notifications when refueling is needed for equipment
  • Keeping valuable items safe and secure
  • Monitoring temperature of sensitive items to prevent damage or malfunction
  • Provide status updates for things like unlocked doors or power outages
  • Configuring customized settings to meet your specific business needs
  • Generate reports to ensure optimal usage

Business Advantages of GPS Tracking

There are a multitude of excellent benefits to enjoy with TELUS Fleet Management. Some advantages may be:

  • Better organization and company communication
  • Monitoring the location and status of all vehicles
  • Keeping a close eye on valuable assets, mobile or stationary
  • Improving safety and security for drivers and vehicles
  • Logging employee hours, monitoring behavior for best practices
  • Enhancing customer service and client relations
  • Reducing insurance monthly premiums

Saving time and money