The latest smartphone series being offered by Samsung, the Galaxy S21 lineup has a lot to offer users in many respects. Faster speeds for multi-tasking, connectivity to 5G networks and top of the line cameras are a few of the provided upgrades. With a greater demand for high quality image and video functionality, the Samsung S21 Galaxy series has improved significantly in that area to meet those requirements. The complete S21 set is available at TELUS to provide users with a top quality Smartphone and a compatible service plan to go with it.

TELUS Phones  – Samsung Galaxy S21 Camera Specs

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series delivers a variety of new camera features for higher quality images and video recording. The lineup consists of the Samsung Galaxy S21, the Galaxy S21+, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The first two devices come with a 4-camera system, while the Galaxy S21 Ultra features a 5-camera construction. There are many features offered on all three models for better flexibility and performance.


  • Upgraded Video Features
  • Record video like a professional with the range of new features the Samsung Galaxy S21 series has to offer.
  • Record video for as long as it takes with Unlimited Video
  • Capture video in motion with no blur using Cinema-Grade 8K Video Recording
  • Use multiple cameras set up at different viewpoints with Director’s View
  • No need to stop or pause recording when changing between camera views
  • Dual recording capability with Vlogger View
  • Record footage and capture videographers reaction using front and rear cameras simultaneously
  • Alternate between several mics to record from different audio sources with Multi-Mic Recording
  • Take High Quality Selfies With a Natural Look

The Authentic Selfie features uses AI Restoration and Studio-level Lighting enhancements to naturally enrich the look of selfies. Remove blemishes and restore grainy images while maintaining natural skin tones and texture with all S21 devices.

Snap Off a String of Images

The Single Take feature, first introduced on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, provides the ability to capture a series of images with a quick 10-second video clip. From the results, users can select the best image from the set based on the task. Single Take 2.0 has been upgraded to deliver more image frames per second which can be viewed in a slow-motion video clip with excellent detail and dramatic effects.

Better Images in Dim Lighting

Dull or grainy images are quite often the result when taking photos at night or in low-light conditions. Using AI technology, the Bright Night feature automatically adjusts in low-lit areas with automated multi-frame processing. Enhance detail in extremely poor lighting for images and videos alike with Advanced Night Mode.

Additional Features of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

If camera performance is a top priority, the Galaxy S21 Ultra delivers the highest grade of features of the Galaxy S21 set.

Higher Resolution

The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s high-resolution camera uses a 108MP sensor with advanced remosaic processing to provide clearer images with higher colour fidelity. Expertly crop high-resolution photos without losing any detail with the Quick Crop feature.

Enhanced Zoom

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series offered 100x Zoom, but the overall capacity of the devices may not have been ready to deliver in full with only a 4x telephoto set up. The Galaxy S21 Ultra now features a 10x periscope camera for crisper and clearer long range images with improved zoom capability.

Greater Stability

Offering a wider focal range without sacrificing quality or the ability to pan and focus, the S21 Ultra features Space Zoom to deliver AI-backed stabilization. Zoom Lock also uses AI technology to add a slight delay while in motion to make sure the camera stays smooth and steady when panning while providing tripod-like stabilization for more control.

TELUS Smartphones – Samsung Galaxy S21 Upgrades

In addition to the tremendous upgrades to the cameras of all the S21 devices, there are numerous other updates that makes the options in this smartphone set an excellent choice.

  • Stay connected – 5G network compatibility for all devices
  • Multi-task capability – Powerful Android 11 OS with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip
  • 128GB and 256GB storage options with 8GB of RAM
  • S Pen (S21 Ultra)
  • Attractive display – AMOLED 2X Display with Full HD+ resolution
  • Floating notifications and better search capability
  • Protect your device – Durable Corning Gorilla Glass protection
  • Long battery life – Li-Ion 4000-4800 mAh batteries
  • Fast wireless charging capability

TELUS Unlimited Plans

Unlimited plans allow users to get the amount of data they need on a monthly basis without having to worry about overage fees. All TELUS Peace of Mind plans offer:

Standard features

Conference calling call forwarding, call waiting, call display, voicemail 10

TELUS Easy Roam

Unlimited data with no extra charges

Unlimited monthly nationwide calling, texting, images, and video messaging