Everyone is excited to grab the newest flagship phone from Samsung, the Galaxy S23 Series. With that, the Korean tech giant announced that this new phone series will be available in the market soon.

Samsung experienced a year of measured improvements from their flagship phones S23 and S23+. There are visible exterior changes to the phones, especially with its 200Mp main camera. Even so, the internal adjustments appear to be fewer than in past years.

In general, all phones under the Galaxy S23 series have the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip as part of their internal build-up. Have you already fallen for the Galaxy S23 Series? But, before you decide to get one, here are some of the phone’s essential details you need to know.

Galaxy S23

To start with, let us first discuss the simplest model of this new Samsung TELUS phone series, the S23. As noticeable as it is, the redesign is very prominent when compared to last year’s S22.

There is a basic array of three cameras with a flash at the back of the phone that generally replaces the ‘contour cut’ camera feature of the previous phone generations. This minimalist camera design of the Galaxy S23 takes the cue inspiration from last year’s Ultra model.

The colour variations also now have a wider range of options. All three phones of the S23 series are offered in the cream, green, lavender, and phantom black options.

The most basic model Galaxy S23 is almost indistinguishable from the last year’s model in terms of size and weight, even if a redesign has been made. This Galaxy model showcases a 6.1-inch display and gets tougher because of the presence of the Gorilla Glass Victus 2.

Galaxy S23 operates through the use of a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip which tends to be the most promising new feature for this year. The internal storage comes in a standard of 8GB RAM and it also offers users two storage options of 128GB and 256GB which are both similar to that of last year.

From last year’s battery capacity of 3700mAh, it increased this year to 3900mAh. However, no changes happened to the battery’s charging speed of 25W through wired connections and the main Qi wireless charging capabilities.

Next, we have the cameras. Samsung made no changes in this area, resulting in a similar overall setup as the S22, which includes a 50Mp main camera, a 12Mp ultrawide camera, and a 10Mp telephoto lens. It is on the flip side of the device in which Samsung made a major improvement. From having a 10Mp front-facing camera, it all gone and changed into 12Mp.

Actually, there are little to no changes made to the camera hardware. Samsung generally focused on the enhancement of the Galaxy S23 software. The low-light photography is a feature that highly benefits from the said improvement. Overall, the outcome of this is a better performance.

Galaxy S23+

Next in line is the Galaxy S23+. It closely resembles the basic S23 version which also makes it simple and easy to understand. What’s nice about this Galaxy Series is that it utilizes the same basic layout, dimensions, and colour scheme as the S23. But, looking at its screen, it is noticeable that the 6.6-inch display is quite larger.

Another good thing to look forward on this Galaxy Series version is its base storage which is about 256GB. This is twice the capacity of its cheaper competitor brands in the market. Aside from that, S23+ storage is expandable up to 512GB.

Considering the battery of the S22+ which has a capacity of 4500mAh, the S23+ series’ battery is generally larger which offers 4700mAh. Additionally, the charging time under 45W is quite faster than the S23 version.

Galaxy S23 Ultra

Last but not least, the Ultra is once more the lineup’s leading act. The Ultra model does not have any modification, but the phone’s design complements well with the other models in the series. This is highly comparable with the previous S22 Ultra model.

The screen display comes in a 6.8-inch size which tends to be the largest among the series. Another unique feature of this version is its scale of 1 to 120-hertz dynamic refresh rate. There is also the presence of the S Pen Stylus that can be plugged directly into the TELUS phone. Moreover, the slightly curved panel of the S23 Ultra is one of its amazing features that makes it unique from the rest of the versions in the series. However, there is a slight modification on it resulting in maintaining the version always black.

When it comes to battery and storage, the S23 Ultra, users can have a 5000mAh battery and may experience 45W wired charging, and 15W wireless charging. It also offers a third storage tier.

One could never go wrong with the camera of the S23 Ultra which highlights an upgraded ISOCELL HP2 sensor. It also features Tetra2pixel technology and superior low-light focusing that makes the main rear camera capable of capturing 200 megapixels. The 12Mp ultrawide and 10Mp telephoto cameras from its forerunner are still present and still provide similar 10Mp telephoto as well as 3x zoom lenses.

Just like the other two phones in the series, the front-facing camera of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is almost the same which has 12 megapixels. It seems to be a quite reduction from the previous version’s 40-megapixel sensor.

So, there you have it: a complete rundown of the Samsung Galaxy S23 phone series.