The idea of smart homes is highly embraced, especially in this era of advanced technology. Tasks such as air conditioning, heating, and lighting can be effortlessly accomplished with home automation technology. This is just a sneak peek of the power of automation. As a homeowner, your peace of mind is everything. Knowing that your home and your family are safe helps you go about your day with a sense of relief. For maximum peace of mind, you need the right solutions like the TELUS Home Alarm System for personal, TELUS EPP and business use.

TELUS Home Alarm Systems

In a bid to increase home protection, TELUS through monitored home security systems, offers various options that homeowners can choose from depending on their needs and preferences.  For instance, video surveillance and smart garage door openers are some of the features that offer robust functionality.

TELUS home security ensures that you remain connected to the events and activities unfolding in and around your home when you are not around. Through automated processes, convenience and comfort seamlessly merge into your daily routine.

TELUS Home Security for heightened safety

While TELUS home security systems provide an impressive spectrum of intelligent solutions, your safety and those living in your home is critical and cannot be overlooked.

One of the greatest elements in home security is the smart lock device whenever no one is present at home. For additional security, multiple entry codes can be configured to track individuals accessing your home meticulously. Temporary codes can also be generated for guests or trusted contractors working within your premises.

Safety features offered by TELUS Home Security include:

  • Fire protection
  • Carbon monoxide monitoring
  • Smart garage door opener
  • Flood control
  • Wi-Fi doorbell camera
  • Video surveillance

Fire Safety

TELUS fire alarm and smoke detection systems play a pivotal role in promptly identifying and addressing fires, whether you’re present at home or not.

Fire can be highly disastrous, and you need to focus on prevention as much as possible. TELUS fire and smoke detectors help homeowners manage the fire. The systems can detect smoke and fire in its early stages and send you an alert. When you get an alert you can further assess it and notify the responsible emergency response service providers for prompt action.

Carbon Monoxide Checking

To counter the risk of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, TELUS employs effective monitoring and detection systems. CO is an odourless and colourless gas that is difficult to detect. However, Telus systems detect the gas and send alerts to your phone, prompting you to respond immediately.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Leveraging smart technology for your garage door ensures that this potential point of access is always secured.

The system can be configured to deliver notifications whenever your garage door is operated or inadvertently left open for a specified duration.

Flood Control

Floods can be catastrophic, especially when you are away for some days. Flood sensors, strategically placed in vulnerable areas, trigger instant alerts that enable access to flood control experts for swift intervention, even when you’re away from home.

Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera

Synced with your smartphone, this camera sends instant alerts upon detecting motion at your front door. Through the camera, you can see who is standing at the front door and you can choose whether to ignore them, take proper action in case it’s a stranger, or choose to communicate with them remotely.

Video Scrutiny

The primary objective of video surveillance in your home is to monitor what happens, especially when you are not around. Video surveillance can also help you a great deal when monitoring the activities of seniors who need assistance,  children, or nannies back at home.

The comprehensive suite of features offered by TELUS home security system is essential since they promote technological advancement and also enhance safety at homes. TELUS empowers you to have a comfortable home situation that is less stressful and more protective.