Many people are deciding to give up their landlines to go strictly cellular. While this might work for some people, others do not feel comfortable letting go of their home phones.

This is completely understandable. A home phone can offer things like security and comfort that a cell phone may not.

One of the reasons why so many people are cancelling their home phones is because the service plans they are paying for provide no real value. Traditional home phone services are typically expensive and inflexible.

The TELUS wireless home phone offers a viable alternative that is affordable, reliable, and convenient.

TELUS wireless home phone services and devices are available at an accredited TELUS dealer.


A superb example of an authorized TELUS dealer in Manitoba that provides access to TELUS service plans and products is MyPhone TELUS.

The highly trained and experienced staff at MyPhone TELUS can assist you with all questions and concerns you may have about any of the various TELUS devices and services.

You can visit an in-store location in western Manitoba at one of these 4 locations:

  • Brandon, MB – Rosser Ave.
  • Brandon, MB – Shoppers Mall
  • Brandon, MB – TELUS Corral Center
  • Virden, MB – King St. E.

You also have the option to check out the online store at any time.

MyPhone TELUS Wireless Home Phone

Switching to the TELUS wireless home phone service is a practical decision for many reasons. You get the mobility aspects of a smartphone, with the dependability and design of a home phone.

The wireless home phone service is connected to a cellular network to provide versatility and flexibility.

Features of the MyPhone TELUS Wireless Home Phone

This home phone service has many impressive features and components that set it apart from your conventional home phone service.

Some of the best features include:

  • Great Value
  • Added Convenience
  • Exceptional Flexibility

Great Value

One of the reasons the TELUS home phone is such a wise choice is because of the excellent value it provides.

Why is it such a great value?

For one, you will pay considerably less per month than a traditional landline. Not only that, but you will also have an abundance of features that your conventional home phone will not.

Added Convenience

Everything about the TELUS wireless home phone is convenient:

  • Installation
  • Mobility
  • Connectivity
  • And more…

No more waiting around all day for an installation technician to show up for 5 minutes and set it up for you. You can easily handle the installation completely on your own.

You can even keep your existing phone number. If you already have a TELUS mobile plan, you can bundle them together for more savings.

Exceptional Flexibility

The TELUS wireless home phone is easily portable, offering increased flexibility for where you can use it. You can take it with you wherever you go as long as there is electricity and cell service.

TELUS Wireless Home Phone Installation

Setting up your TELUS wireless home phone is shockingly simple.

Just follow these 3 steps and you are ready to go:

  1. Insert your SIM card into the TELUS wireless Hub
  2. Connect the hand set you will be using to the Hub
  3. Make sure the Hub is plugged into an electrical outlet in an area that gets good cell service

You are now ready to make and take calls!

Why Switch to a Wireless Home Phone?

There are lots of good reasons to make the change to a wireless home phone.

Some compelling arguments for making the switch are:

  • Portability and mobility
  • Accessibility and ease
  • Affordability
  • Simple installation
  • Sound quality is better than a cell phone
  • Enhanced security and dependability
  • Better cellular reception
  • New wireless handsets are high quality and feature-rich