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Exclusive TELUS EPP discount for you and your family members.

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Exclusive hardware discount to make the latest more affordable.  

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Check out TELUS Bring-it Back program to reduce your upfront cost. 


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Most new employees are told about the benefits of a new job when they start, like whether your employer offers medical or dental insurance. But did you know that some companies have agreements with cell phone carriers that can save you money on your device and plan, every month?


What is TELUS EPP?

EPP stands for Employee Purchase Program. This program offers exclusive deals for employees of companies that have a corporate agreement with TELUS.


I’m an employee. How do I know if my company has a TELUS agreement?

If you would like to inquire about whether your employer has an EPP agreement with TELUS, you can contact one of our Myphone locations and one of our sales representatives can verify and inform them of the details.


What kind of savings can I get if my employer is part of an EPP program with TELUS?

Eligible employees can save up to 30% on cell phone plans and receive certain discounts on select phones.


Can employee family members also receive a discount?

TELUS EPP program allows family members to benefit from this program as well.


My Company has a TELUS Corporate and EPP agreement. How can I get more information for my employees?

Please call Myphone at (204) 571-4040 or email

  1. Discounts and pricing are subject to change at any time.
  2. Eligibility is subject to change at any time.

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