Whether it is mobile assets like company vehicles, or more stationary assets like heavy equipment and machinery, TELUS Fleet Complete has you covered to protect those valuable commodities.

Implementing an organized system with effective monitoring tools is an excellent way to reduce stress and strain while keeping a close eye on your property. TELUS Fleet complete employs GPS tracking to perform advanced telematics regarding the status of your various assets. This may include GPS vehicle trackers, asset trackers, and mobile worker trackers.

What are Telematics?

Telematics use multifaceted analysis, encompassing vehicle technology, telecommunications, road safety and status, electrical engineering, and computer science strategies to bring it all together.

Telematics can deliver business owners useful information about their assets, such as:

  • Real time location for all vehicles
  • Optimal driving routes
  • Driver schedules
  • Driver behaviors and habits
  • Vehicle status
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Employee hours of service
  • ELD compliance
  • Risk evaluation and management

All of these helpful telematics contribute to increasing safety and efficiency, while reducing and eliminating unnecessary risks and expenses.

Business Benefits of a GPS Tracker Device

The business advantages of TELUS Fleet Complete are plentiful, and business owners that have launched the service are praising it for its diverse functionality and massive potential for cost savings.

A few of the impressive features of GPS Fleet Management, include:

  • TELUS Fleet Tracker
  • TELUS Asset Tracker
  • TELUS Resource Tracker

TELUS Fleet Tracker

Typically the most widely sought feature of the TELUS Fleet Complete package is the Fleet Tracker. This service allows businesses to keep track of all company vehicles in real time. The Fleet Tracker provides an abundance of useful information, not only about where vehicles are currently located, but also about how they are running and any maintenance that may be required.

TELUS Fleet Tracker is effective for:

  • Tracking speed, direction, position, and travel route
    • Maximize productivity with GPS route analysis
  • Improving customer service
    • GPS tracking helps dispatch identify the best employee and vehicle for spontaneous jobs
    • Keep customers updated with realistic deadlines and delivery times
    • Faster response times
  • Managing scheduled maintenance
    • Routine scheduled maintenance helps reduce expensive repair bills
  • Enhanced communication
    • Immediate conformation for new work orders
    • Real time collaboration for documents and invoices
    • Drivers use mobile wireless internet to always stay connected
  • Correcting dangerous and costly driving behaviors
    • Speeding drastically increases fuel consumption
    • Excessive idling is a waste of fuel
    • Quick acceleration and sudden stops are hard on brakes, engine, and gas mileage
    • Sharp cornering results in uneven wear on tires and greater risk of accident
    • Careless or dangerous driving increases risk of safety for driver and vehicle

TELUS Asset Tracker

For all your other precious assets that may or not be mobile, the Asset Tracker is an excellent feature to help prevent theft and loss. The Asset Tracker uses battery powered GPS tracker devices to monitor the status and location of any item it is fitted to.

TELUS Asset Tracker is useful for:

  • Keeping a close eye on high-value assets
    • Great for tracking job site equipment, tools, heavy machinery, trailers
    • Also effective for containers and cargo on the move
  • Enhancing asset management and security
    • Get instant notifications about unauthorized use or assets on the move
    • If an asset is stolen, GPS tracker devices makes it easier to recover
  • Devices are simple to install and offer rugged durability
    • Effective for both outdoor and indoor applications
    • Water, dust, and dirt resistant
    • Resistant to extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • Provides long lasting use
    • Durable batteries can deliver up to 3 years performance on a single charge

TELUS Resource Tracker

This important feature is also sometimes referred to as the Action Tracker or Task Tracker. The Resource Tracker provides valuable insights into employees and their activities. By using GPS tracking through employee mobile devices, businesses can improve worker efficiency and customer relations.

TELUS Resource Tracker offers:

  • Real time information about:
    • Location of mobile workers
    • Distance traveled
    • Time of travel and hours completed
  • Assistance with job and task assignment
  • Easy communication between dispatch and employees for job status updates and important notifications
  • Setting geographic perimeters to ensure no vehicles or employees stray outside boundaries
  • Report generation to help improve operational efficiency

All mobile GPS devices can be displayed on a convenient map to provide a useful overall picture of vehicles, assets, and employees.