TELUS Fleet Complete

TELUS Fleet Complete

TELUS Fleet Complete is a unique fleet, asset, and mobile
workforce solution which provides you with the ability to
track and manage your vehicles and mobile workers, and
optimize your operations in a single cloud-based platform.

Myphone works with your organization to provide a uniquie fleet, asset and mobile workforce solution. Tracking and managing your vehicles has never been easier. With a single cloud-based platform you’ll quickly optimize your operations.

Telus Fleet Complete

Select the right solutions for your business.



  • Tracks the real-time location, speed and
    travel direction of your vehicles
  • Captures vehicle data such as status of
    ignition, battery voltage, door sensor and
    power take-off (PTO) sensor
  • Optional enhanced features:
    Satellite Failover: connectivity in remote
    areas where cellular network is out of range
  • A core solution for any business with
    vehicles on the road to help manage and
    maintain their fleet and costs
  • Monitors Engine data and DTC Codes* to
    help reduce fuel, maintenance, and other
    operational costs


  • Electronically logs the driver working hours
    and calculates driver’s available driving time
  • Audit-ready roadside inspection reporting
    and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports
  • Helps simplify compliance with US ELD
    regulations for fleets operating in the US
  • Available on Android 4.0 and higher, or iOS
    4S or higher


  • Monitors the location of high-value assets
    such as equipment, packages, and cargo
  • Uses an asset tracker device with a
    rechargeable battery that can last up to 3
    years on a single charge**
  • With motion sensing and real-time
    notifications, always be alerted when an
    asset moves
  • Ideal for a business looking to track assets
    other than vehicles or employees/handsets
    such as: trailers, heavy equipment, mobile
    buildings or other machinery that is
* Not available with TELUS Fleet Tracker MGS100. ** Based on manufacturer’s peak rated usage which assumes once per day reporting. Sleep Mode, device operating within the temperature guidelines.

Key benefits for your business:

TELUS Fleet Complete gives you full visibility into the activities of your mobile workers, assets,
and vehicles. With real-time information, your company can improve productivity, reduce costs,
and improve your bottom line. Improved communication and better scheduling can help you
enhance customer service with faster and more accurate response times.

Analyze and manage key metrics to improve your field operations.

  • Reduce fuel costs by helping to control speeding,
    driver behaviour, idling time, and inefficient routing
  • Optimize fleet repair schedules by tracking mileage,
    providing vehicle diagnostics, and automating
    maintenance logs
  • Report authorized vs unauthorized mileage
  • Track and manage arrival/departure times at
    customer locations

Improve customer service.

  • Track the real-time location of workers, vehicles, and
    critical assets while dispatching tasks to the nearest
    mobile worker
  • Provide your customers with notification of accurate
    arrival times and departure scheduling

Improve security.

  • Recover stolen vehicles and critical assets with real-
    time tracking
  • Report unauthorized use of vehicles on out-of-route
    activities using automated alerts

Improve communication in the field.

  • Field service and construction workers can receive
    and confirm work orders of job estimates at the job
    site to avoid lengthy delays
  • Assign job orders to the closest available technician
    in the field and track the progress of the order with
    status updates
  • Manage drivers and their certifications. Dispatch the
    required crews, assets and the right technician your
    customers need for the job

The bottom line:

TELUS Fleet Complete
empowers you to better manage
and track your critical assets
and resources, and helps your
business run more profitably.

Business tip:

Ask your insurance company
about potential cost savings
after having GPS modems or
asset tags set-up with your
vehicles and equipment.