TELUS Mobile Internet

TELUS Mobile Internet

Be Everywhere

Setting up a temporary office or satellite office is now easier with our mobile data solutions. You can easily install our equipment and set up your office without having to pull wires. It’s easy, fast, and effective – for companies who are looking to grow and mobilize faster.

If your hosting events, tradeshow boots, or setting up a new construction site – mobile internet can be advantageous.

Be Faster

Get 4G and LTE Speeds from almost anywhere. Do you need to make unlimited calls or stream data from remote locations? Our mobile solutions are unique and capable of handling your business needs.

Be Collaborative

Get your teams together and enable them to work faster and better remotely. By accessing the TELUS internet from any location and time zone, they can get access information and make key decisions easier.
Whether you are working in a rural area, or in an area where high-speed internet has limited availability, our mobile internet solutions can be a competitive advantage for your business.

Be Flexibility

Did you know using our mobile internet, can allow you to connect to the internet using multiple devices. Whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, computer, smartTV, phone system, car, digital display or kiosk – our mobile internet solution can give data at your finger tips.

TELUS Smart Hub

Access the TELUS internet or business data by connecting your home, office and your team with TELUS mobile internet solutions. Myphone Business Specialist are trained to understand your needs and recommend a solution best suited for your needs.

Order Personal smartphone, tablet and watch with a plan. For Corporate Employee Program or Employee Purchase Program, go the home page and
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