Samsung revealed the new Flip 4 as part of its continued effort to popularize foldable phones. The TELUS phone has updated software that makes use of the folding design, improved cameras with improved low-light imaging, and a bigger battery.

According to market research, the Samsung Galaxy Z series new member is the most prevalent foldable gadget to date. The new phone also enables industry experts in acquiring information about the potential for foldable handhelds.

Flex Mode

Samsung is attempting to demonstrate that the new Flip’s appeal extends far beyond its small size. That’s why it’s introducing the Flex feature, which divides apps across the device’s upper and lower borders when folded halfway.

Users will be able to access the upper section of the display by using the bottom half of the gadget as a cursor. This update should will it easier to utilize and control apps while in Flex functionality.

This Flex function is currently limited to a few devices, while Samsung has stated that it will consider adding it to older foldable Samsung handhelds. Users who had direct experience with the device mentioned that it worked well after they enabled the option in the menu bar.

The new Samsung Flip’s exterior display has also been improved, allowing users to send rapid replies to short messages, make phone calls, and snap portrait mode photographs from the outside display. Taken collectively, these enhancements represent a significant step forward for the company.

It’s unclear whether the development of the Flex feature and the additional features of the outer display will be enough to grab the attention of those who aren’t already interested in folding smartphones.

Regardless, everything above suggests that Samsung is concentrating on software rather than hardware, which is important for realizing the potential value of foldable handsets.

Other features

Aside from that, the Flip TELUS phone will receive a slew of routine upgrades, just like any other flagship phone. It will be backed by the Snapdragon 8+ Processor, which is an upgraded version of the chip used in the S22 series.

Despite having an identical main camera resolution to the Z Flip 3, this phone has superior nighttime imaging to the Galaxy S22. That means it will have sharper wide angles and larger pixel size, as well as support for low-light portrait mode images.

Furthermore, the phone’s battery capacity has been boosted to 3,700 mAh from 3,300 mAh in its predecessor.

The folding design of the Z Flip 4 hasn’t changed much, with the exception of certain upgrades. The hinge is narrower and has a more gleaming gloss.

The new Samsung Flip’s internal display is said to be 45% more sturdy, while the exterior is protected by Corning’s Victus plus Glass. Bora purple is a new colour option, and so are pink gold, deep blue, and graphite, which is close to gunmetal.

The aforementioned enhancements aren’t immediately noticeable when you touch the device, but they are apparent when you try to compare the new phone to its predecessor side by side.

The Takeaways

With only software enhancements and basic tweaks to the camera, CPU, and battery, the new Samsung Galaxy offers a great user experience. 

It is a game changer for Samsung’s foldable gadgets. Samsung has advanced beyond simply making apps work on bendable screens. It is ultimately seeking to develop new ways to communicate with applications that a non-folding device cannot deliver.

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