It has never been easier to manage all your mobile business operations in one convenient location than with TELUS Fleet Complete.

Fleet Complete makes it simple to track:

  • Vehicles
  • Workers on the move
  • Mobile assets
  • And more…

TELUS Fleet Complete gives you the ability to track these items in real time to help improve business production and efficiency.

If being able to keep track of mobile business operations is appealing to you, the next step is finding the right TELUS provider to handle your business needs.

For those living in the province of Manitoba, an excellent option for TELUS products and services is MyPhone TELUS.


The experts at MyPhone TELUS have been providing exceptional customer service for IT solutions for the past 30 years. Starting out as a local business serving customers in the Manitoba region, MyPhone ultimately partnered with TELUS to become an authorized TELUS dealer.

The business continues to grow and offer admirable customer service for mobile communication.

You can visit MyPhone TELUS at one of the 4 in-store locations in Brandon or Virden, or at the online store.

MyPhone TELUS Fleet Complete Services

TELUS Fleet Complete is a powerful all-in-one application which facilitates tracking business operations as they are happening.

Some of the main services offered with Fleet Complete package are:

  • Fleet tracker
  • Action tracker
  • Asset tracker

Fleet Tracker

This is an excellent service for companies with an assortment of vehicles they wish to keep track of.

Some of the activities the Fleet Tracker can report on are:

  • Speed vehicle is traveling at
  • Direction it is going
  • Location of all vehicles
  • Vehicle performance data
    • Battery power
    • Ignition – is the vehicle running or not
    • Door sensors
    • Helps to keep track of required maintenance
  • Satellite backup for traveling in remote areas
  • Engine data to track fuel economy
  • Excellent service for managing vehicle data to ensure all vehicles are operating at optimal capacity

Action Tracker

This application is ideal for keeping track of employee tasks and hours of service. It is a great way to improve staff organization, and to easily allocate incomplete tasks.

Sone of the impressive features of the Action Tracker include:

  • GPS Tracking location for mobile workers
  • View worker availability in real time to know who is available for assignment
  • Easily allocate tasks to workers in the field on the cloud-based platform
  • Streamline communication efficiency
  • Provide workers with important updates
  • Great for employee time management
  • Works like an electronic punch clock to record all hours of service including breaks
  • Project management
    • Stay on budget
    • Manage deadlines
    • Quickly deal with issues and change of plan that inevitably arise

Asset Tracker

This service is superb for keeping an eye on mobile assets like heavy-duty equipment, cargo, and other large packages.

All assets are tracked using a device with a long-lasting battery that can endure up to 3 years on just a single charge.

Some of the other notable features of the TELUS Asset Tracker are:

  • Loss and theft prevention
    • You will be immediately updated if there is any unauthorized activity
  • Automatic notifications when fuel becomes low and refuelling is needed for any equipment
  • Versatile settings and configurations at your disposal to personalize your service
  • Safety checks – you will be notified of any abnormal activity, such as:
    • Extreme temperature changes
    • Unlocked doors
    • Loss of power
  • Receive regular reports about asset operations and suggestions for improvement

Benefits of MyPhone TELUS Fleet Tracker

There several business advantages to using TELUS Fleet Tracker to manage your staff and assets.

Some of the best benefits are:

  • Save time and money
  • Improved organization
  • Manage mobile assets at any location
  • Keep tracker of worker hours and data
  • Enhanced security
  • Improved customer relations