Vehicle Boosters

Vehicle Boosters

Staying connected on the road is important, especially in our Manitoba winters. Hills, trees and distance from the signal source all affect call quality. The new Drive 4G improves your cellular signal strength, giving you the reliable voice and data coverage you need on all cellular-connected devices in the vehicle. Plus the better your signal, the better your battery life, the more video’s you can watch, that’s a Win-Win!


  • Boosters voice & data signals
  • Works with all Canada’s major networks
  • Improves coverage in your vehicle
  • All needed components included in kit
  • Works with all smartphones & mobile hotspots
  • Simple Installation
  • FCC & Industry Canada Certified

feature options:

  • Boost 3G, 4G or both data signals
  • Single or Multi-User
  • Durable metal casing
  • Enhanced transmission power
  • Mobile – for in or out of vehicle usage

Drive 4G-M

Drive 4G-S

Drive 4G-X

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