Keeping mobile data costs at a minimum can be a challenging task, especially for businesses in Canada. In a country that holds the nefarious designation of charging the highest data rates of any country in the industrialized world, any break on mobile data expenses is a huge plus.

Peace of Mind Business Plans from TELUS

Before these extremely helpful plans became available, business owners were often likely to get a shocking surprise at the end of the month from overage fees charged for going over monthly data limits.

The very nature of the overage fees some mobile providers charge is meant to be alarming and offensive in a ploy to get users to step up to the next and more expensive data plan. TELUS has eliminated the need for users to fall prey to this underhanded tactic by offering endless data packages.

TELUS Endless Data

The Peace of Mind Business plans offered at TELUS help companies safeguard against expensive overage fees charged for exceeding data limits by cutting them out altogether.

How is that possible you ask? Well, Peace of Mind Business plans are set up to deliver a set amount of data to each user every month. Once those limits are reached, service will not be cut off, nor will it automatically continue, jacking up fees to exorbitant rates.

Once the monthly data limit is used, the service switches from high speed data to a speed of 512 kbps. Users can still use data on their monthly plans, just at a reduced speed. If more high speed data is still needed before the billing cycle switches over to the next month, users can get more high speed data by purchasing Fast Pass data to see them through to the end of the month.

More Users, More Discounts

Peace of Mind Business plans offers a great deal too individual users to prevent unexpected fees, but they offer an even greater bargain for businesses that are applying the plan to 10 or more users.

Details of Peace of Mind plans vary depending volume.

Peace of Mind Plans

These are the plans for businesses supporting 2 to 29 users on the plan:

  • Peace of Mind 10GB – $65 per month
  • Peace of Mind 10GB – $75 per month
  • Peace of Mind 20GB – $85 per month

Considerable Cost Savings

Multi-user plans hosting 4+ users or devices will enjoy some serious cost savings. With plans for 4+ people or more, each person on that plan will get a discount of $20 every month. That equals out to $2,400per year for every user, and $4,800 for 2 year plans.

Business Communication Benefits

In addition to the tremendous cost savings the Peace of Mind Business plans offer, they can also help improve daily operations. Some of the advantages include:

  • Zero overage fees guaranteed
  • Maintain your budget
  • Scalability

Zero Overage Fees Guaranteed

One of the greatest advantages of Peace of Mind for business is the true peace of mind it provides business owners that no longer have to worry about expensive overage fees. Getting rid of that stress is a huge bonus, leaving more money to allocate to other business needs. It also helps for staying on budget.

Maintain Your Budget

With no surprise fees it makes it possible to count on a consistent expense at the end of each month. It can help leverage a little financial control towards the extremely high costs of mobile data usage in Canada.


Another significant perk is that the more your business expands, the greater the cost savings you will be able to take advantage of. More users on the plan mean more discounts per user. Companies can get discounted rates of up $20 per month per user, with enough employees incorporated into the plan.

Myphone TELUS

Looking to get set up with Peace of Mind Business plans in Manitoba? Myphone TELUS provides multiple mobile data options with exceptional service and convenient cost savings.

TELUS Smartphones

Get top of the line smartphones to accompany your Peace of Mind Business plans at Myphone TELUS. The best smartphones available, like the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G series and the iPhone 11 series, can be obtained for $0 upfront.


The bring-it-back program can bring even further cost savings on new smartphones when trading in an older device at the end of your contract.

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