The TELUS EPP can help to reduce monthly plans and wireless phone expenses. The program allows banks, corporations, associations, and government agencies to offer practical benefits to their employees. The products and services people are paying for are sold at a discounted price.

Who is Eligible for the EPP Program?

Being a member of the TELUS EPP is an opportunity for your business. Companies and agencies eligible for this program include:

–     Banks

–     Corporations

–     Government organizations

–     Associations

–     Realtors

–     Unions

Confirm if you are eligible 

You can take advantage of this program and buy the phone you need at a lower cost and with reduced monthly fees. Check if you are eligible for TELUS Exclusive Partner Program. You may not be aware your company has joined the TELUS EPP and missed some of the benefits. 

You can contact the My Phone account manager to determine if your company is eligible for this program.

It saves costs for staff and their families.

The program has discounts that are available to staff and their employees. The TELUS EPP has a plan that offers unlimited data, messaging and calls at a lower price. 

Employers Benefits

The program also benefits employers. Organizations can get substantial cost savings from paying to use personal mobile devices and associated charges. In return, this will increase the business profits.

Also, with newer phones, employers enjoy a high performance from their employees. It leads to higher productivity and a more rewarding working environment.

Advantages of TELUS Exclusive Partner Program to the Business

Some of the benefits of TELUS Exclusive Partner Program: 

  • Reduced cost of smartphones

When a new mobile device is released, the prices are usually high and it is hard to afford the phone. The prices drop as time goes on. Most people wait for the price to go down and purchase the mobile device. Those under the membership program of the TELUS exclusive partner program will enjoy promos and deals on the latest smartphone. The employees and their families will benefit from the discounted price and special deals on the latest. Also, discounted monthly plans will be available for the whole family.

  • Monthly plans savings

Monthly plan savings are a huge bonus received for being a member of TELUS EPP. These savings are good since they are given on wireless plans that everyone is paying for these days. Monthly expenses to operate mobile devices and service plans can be costly. Employees will enjoy a reduction in monthly costs, allowing them to cut down on expenses. It will give everyone peace of mind and save more money for other things.

  • Skilled customer support

It is simple to reach the customer support team if you have any concerns or questions. My Phone has customer service experts who are experienced and knowledgeable. They handle your inquiries effectively and efficiently via email, phone, or chat.

  • Recapitulating promotions and deals

With the TELUS EPP program, you will enjoy the latest deals and promotions. You will get mobile device deals that allow you to purchase the product and plan you need at a lower price.

The low price will enable you to order your mobile device conveniently and have it delivered. It will cut down your costs of purchasing your new mobile device.

  • Bring it Back opportunities

To reduce monthly device costs, TELUS offers a Bring it Back program with EPP offers. You can get a new phone at an advance discount and return it after the contract. With this program, you can buy a new mobile device without a forthright cost and at a reduced monthly cost. You can benefit from paying nothing for all the premium devices.

  • Easy to access the program at any time

The TELUS EPP website is easy to access even for those people who are not tech-savvy. Also, you can purchase and arrange for the product delivery or pick up at any time.


Costs on mobile phones and monthly plans can be reduced if organizations adopt the TELUS Exclusive Partner Program. You will manage to save on your monthly expenses, get hardware discounts, join the Bring it Back program, and share exclusive deals with your family.