For people that love their Samsung Galaxy smartphones, there are even more ways to get fun and entertainment out of your Samsung Galaxy with the latest and most exciting game apps.

There are thousands of engaging mobile games ready for download to your TELUS smartphone.

TELUS dealers have a wide variety of top of the line smartphones to choose from, with Samsung Galaxy offering some of the most impressive devices.

Why is the Samsung Galaxy so good for gaming?

Several key improvements have been made, and useful features added, to make the Samsung Galaxy S10 series such a popular and practical choice for gaming.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series includes the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 +, and S10e. Each of these TELUS smartphones offers an enhanced experience for mobile games.

Some of the features that make the Samsung Galaxy S10 series so good for gaming, are:

  • Improved graphics and audio
  • More efficient cooling
  • Increased RAM and storage
  • Unity Support

Improved Graphics and Audio

With the S10 series, Samsung has worked on improving its display to offer a better entertainment experience for the user.

A more powerful GPU means better graphics, with an infinity O display for the best visuals. Sound is also improved, with specialized Dolby augmentation specifically for game mode.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series is HDR10 + certified, meaning vibrant colors and contrasts.

Cooling Efficiency

All three of the Samsung S10 series have made adjustments to their cooling systems.

Samsung S10 and S10e

A state-of-the-art heatpipe cooling system has been installed in these two smartphones for automatic and optimal temperature control.

Samsung S10 +

The Samsung Galaxy S10 + has stepped up its cooling game even more, using a vapor chamber similar to the system used for the Xbox 1X. Small in size but powerful in stature, this vapor chamber offers the most efficient cooling for robust mobile devices.

Increased RAM and Storage

Each phone in the Samsung S10 series has boosted RAM and storage for better overall performance, and more room to download more games.

Unity Support

Unity is the world’s biggest real time creation engine, used to create around half of the games that exist in the world today.

However, unity is not just used to create game apps for mobile devices, it is also used to build games for video gaming consoles, web plugins, desktops, and laptops.

This very powerful platform is perfectly compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S10 series. In fact, these smartphones are some of the first to be optimized for unity support.

What are the best game apps for Samsung Galaxy in 2019?

One of the best advantages of having a Samsung android smartphone is all the free game apps available for download.

Some interesting games to check out in 2019, might include:

  • Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
  • Pocket City
  • EA Sports
  • HQ Trivia
  • Asphalt 9

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

This latest installment of the final fantasy games includes many features from the previous games in the series, with a few new options added as well.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius falls under the ‘freemium’ umbrella, meaning it is free to download and play, but you can also pay for extra features.

Pocket City

Pocket city is a mobile game app that is reminiscent of the old Sim City games you may have been fond of in the 90s.

The object of Pocket City is to build your own city and make sure everything runs smoothly within it. With plenty of content and interesting missions, this game offers hours of entertainment.

EA Sports

For all you sports lovers out there, you really can’t beat EA Sports when it comes to quality sports games.

Not many other mobile sports game creators offer yearly updates to their apps like EA does.

A few of the most popular EA sports games for download, are:

  • NBA Live
  • Madden Overdrive
  • FIFA soccer
  • UFC

HQ Trivia

This very popular, live and interactive trivia game is an excellent option to download to your Samsung Galaxy.

HQ Trivia features a live host that goes through 12 questions per round. If you get all 12 correct, you then split the winnings with any others that also made it through.

This game pays out real money to the winners.

Asphalt 9

If you like car racing games, the Asphalt 9 is a good option. The Asphalt series has provided some of the most popular racing games in the mobile domain.

Asphalt 9 offers 50 cars to choose from, as well as a variety of tracks and challenges.