More households every day are deciding to cut the cord on their traditional landlines in favor of more practical and flexible options. While many are taking the leap unafraid to go with purely cellular service, others are a bit more hesitant to pull the trigger because of the comfort and dependability landlines can provide.

Aside from providing outdated services, traditional landline fees are often extremely high for what they deliver. High monthly fees for very basic functionality no longer makes much financial sense with other viable options available.

For those not willing to make such a bold and complete transition, there is an option in between that offers the reliability of a conventional landline combined with the portability of a mobile phone.

TELUS Wireless Home Phone

Are you looking for a reliable option to replace your conventional home phone that delivers excellent value, versatility, and convenience?

TELUS wireless home phone products and plans can accommodate your home phone needs with expanded functionality and mobility. The wireless Hub can be used at home, at the office, in a hotel room, or anywhere else you may need dependable phone service.

The professional support staff at TELUS is always available to answer any questions you might have about wireless home phone services and get you set up with a plan that works best for you.

How easy is a TELUS wireless home phone to install?

Extremely. No need to waste your day waiting for a technician to arrive and install your phone for you, it is so easy anyone can manage this simple 3-step set up.

  1. Insert the SIM card you will be using into the wireless hub provided by TELUS
  2. Make use of an existing hand set or purchase a new wireless handset and connect it to the hub
  3. Once your hub is plugged into a power source you are ready to roll making and receiving calls

Advantages of TELUS Wireless Home Phone

There are many benefits to making the switch to a wireless home phone. You can think of it as a home phone with cellular connectivity for optimal security and flexibility.

Some advantages of TELUS wireless home phone services are:

  • Portability
  • Cost-effective
  • Extensive features
  • Easy set up and maintenance
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Value


Take your wireless hub anywhere you need it. Whether you are up at the cottage or traveling for work, you can expect a solid phone connection to stay productive and available for customers.


Lower monthly bills combined with better features and functions make the TELUS wireless home phone service an economical and practical option.

Extensive Features

Traditional landlines are incredibly limited when it comes to useful features and options. TELUS wireless home phones offer:

  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • Voicemail 25
  • Call display
  • Call forwarding
  • Conference calling
  • International calling options available

Easy Set Up and Maintenance

We have already explored just how simple it is to install your wireless home phone to get started. Plus, TELUS devices are very reliable for easy maintenance, and a knowledgeable and experienced support staff are available for any complications or issues.


In many households landlines have been a staple for as long as residents have been in the house that they service. In these situations a conventional landline delivers that extra layer of security and familiarity that brings owners peace of mind.

Wireless home phones can provide that same feeling of security, but with more functionality at a lower cost.


In the case of an emergency a landline is a much more reliable device to make a 911 call from than a cell phone. When a 911 call is placed from a cell phone, emergency response will be able to narrow down the general area the call came from, but not necessarily the exact building. This can be a significant problem when time is of the essence.

Wireless home phones can also be depended on for back up in case of power outages as the battery will continue to function for up to 36 hours when not plugged into a power source.


All of these perks delivered at a low monthly cost add up to excellent value for TELUS wireless home phone users.